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Jiangnan Shipbuilding received the first order for Mark III type 175,000cbm LNGC from ADNOC

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Jiangnan Shipbuilding received the first order for Mark III type 175,000cbm LNGC from ADNOC

Recently, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and China State Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd. signed a contract with ADNOC Logistics & Services (ADNOC L&S), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), for the construction of two 175,000cbm LNG carriers. The contract has become the first shipyard in China to undertake the MARK III membrane-type large-scale LNG carrier.

At the same time, this order is also China’s first order in the field of large-scale LNG ships for the pure international market, creating a precedent for Chinese shipbuilding companies to directly cooperate with international leading oil and gas companies in the field of large-scale LNG ship construction.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company was established in 1971. It is a state-owned oil company in the United Arab Emirates and a world-class oil and gas industry group company. Its product chain involves almost all fields and varieties of oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals. . At the end of 2016, ADNOC integrated its three subsidiaries and established ADNOC L&S, a shipping and maritime logistics subsidiary.

Captain Abdulkareem Al Masabi, Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC L&S, said: “Fleet expansion will be a key driver of ADNOC L&S’s growth strategy with ADNOC’s plans to double its LNG production capacity and growing customer demand. Our fleet provides sustainable, innovative vessels capable of serving our customers for the next 25 years, while also supporting ADNOC‘s natural gas growth strategy and continuing our partnership with Jiangnan.”

It is reported that this type of ship is a 175,000 cubic meter MARK III membrane-type LNG carrier (“LNG JUMBO”) independently developed and designed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding in line with the latest international LNG ship design concepts. It adopts the GTT membrane-type Mark III Flex containment system. , set up 4 cargo holds, the cabin capacity reaches 175,000 cubic meters, meets the latest regulations and rules, has the characteristics of mainstream, reliable, energy saving, and environmental protection, and the comprehensive economic performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. This type of ship is equipped with a partial reliquefaction system, which makes the ship’s manipulation and operation management more flexible, and improves energy efficiency. Additional energy-saving devices with higher propulsion efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Equipped with state-of-the-art dual-fuel propulsion systems, it reduces methane fugitives and carbon emissions and meets the most stringent emissions requirements available. At the same time, this type of ship meets the adaptation requirements of most LNG loading and unloading ports in the world.

The successful landing of this order marks that Jiangnan Shipbuilding has officially entered the large-scale LNG carrier construction market, which has laid a solid foundation for the formation of a stable LNG carrier construction capacity, which will help to expand and increase the proportion of high value-added ship types and further enhance its comprehensive competitiveness. At the same time, this cooperation with ADNOC will significantly enhance the international influence of China State Shipbuilding Corporation in the LNG carrier market and boost the group’s plan to improve the construction of large-scale LNG ships. actual manifestation.

It is understood that Jiangnan Shipbuilding began to conduct research on membrane LNG containment system technology in 1994, participated in the bidding of China’s first large-scale LNG ship construction project (Guangdong LNG transportation project) in 2002, and was the only company that submitted MARK III at that time. The shipyard for the technical solution of membrane-type LNG carriers.

According to reports, the main screen of the MARK III film cargo containment system is a stainless steel plate (304L) with a thickness of 1.2 mm with vertical and horizontal grooves, and the secondary screen is a three-in-one sheet of two layers of glass fiber cloth and one layer of aluminum foil. , The insulation board is reinforced polyurethane foam with upper and lower laminates, its total thickness is 270 mm, and the evaporation rate for large LNG ships can be kept below 0.15%. The main advantage of this system is that the thickness of the stainless steel of the main screen wall is thicker, and the welding requirements of 304L stainless steel are easier; the price of stainless steel plate is cheaper than that of 36% nickel steel (INVAR); the total thickness of MARK III is only half of that of NO96, and the interior space of the ship The utilization rate is high, and the size of the ship is relatively compact. The disadvantage of the MARK III film-type cargo containment system is that the thermal expansion coefficient of stainless steel is large, and the main screen wall needs to adopt a vertical and horizontal two-way groove structure, which is complicated in processing and low in automatic welding efficiency.

In July 2013, Jiangnan Shipbuilding became the first company in the world to manufacture GTT MARK III and MARK III FLEX combined simulation cabins and obtained the qualification approval of GTT, laying a solid foundation for entering the field of membrane-type liquefied gas ship construction. In 2017, Jiangnan Shipbuilding established the MARK III engineering special promotion working group and officially listed the membrane-type liquefied gas carrier as a strategic breakthrough product.

At the beginning of 2018, Jiangnan Shipbuilding won the order for a 23,000TEU ultra-large LNG dual-fuel container ship from CMA CGM. This type of ship is equipped with the world’s first batch of MARK III membrane-type LNG fuel tanks. The first ship has been delivered and successfully operated in 2020.

In September 2018, the LNG carrier newly developed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding with GTT membrane Mark III Flex containment system obtained the DNV GL Design Approval in Principle (AiP) certificate. The design of this flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly LNG carrier was developed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding in cooperation with MARIC, GTT, DNV GL, and major equipment manufacturers.

In May 2021, Jiangnan Shipbuilding and Guangdong Jiufeng Energy signed an order for a 79,800 cubic meter MARK III membrane-type LNG carrier, officially entering the field of membrane-type liquefied gas ship construction.

So far, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has achieved full coverage of the R&D, design, and construction capabilities of the full spectrum of liquefied gas ships equipped with Type A, Type B, Type C, and membrane low-temperature liquefied gas containment systems. Jiangnan Shipbuilding has a professional training workshop and a low-temperature laboratory for the MARK III enclosure system, which can systematically train various professional types of work to achieve rapid adjustment of peak and valley demand for human resources; Jiangnan Shipbuilding is also preparing to build an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and expand training. Center, experimental equipment resources, etc., provide better conditions for the production line of large-scale membrane LNG carriers and LNG fuel tanks to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent construction.

While possessing rich technical reserves, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has also gained market recognition with its high-quality services. This project is the second cooperation between Jiangnan Shipbuilding and ADNOC. In 2020, AW Shipping, a joint venture between ADNOC L&S and Wanhua Chemical, has ordered five 86,000-cubic-meter dual-fuel VLGCs in Jiangnan Shipbuilding. At present, the project is progressing smoothly. In the process of cooperation, a deep friendship has also been established, which has laid a solid foundation for the two parties to cooperate again in this large-scale LNG project.

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国际首单!江南造船首获MARK III大型LNG船订单

近日,中国船舶集团旗下江南造船(集团)有限公司联合中国船舶工业贸易有限公司与阿布扎比国家石油公司(ADNOC)旗下ADNOC Logistics & Services(ADNOC L&S)签订2艘17.5万立方米液化天然气船建造合同,成为国内第一家承接MARK III薄膜型大型LNG船的船厂。


阿布扎比国家石油公司成立于1971年,是阿拉伯联合酋长国的国有石油企业,是世界一流的石油和天然气产业集团公司,其产品链涉及到石油、天然气及石油化工的几乎所有领域和每一品种。2016年底,ADNOC整合了旗下3家子公司,成立航运和海事物流子公司ADNOC L&S。

ADNOC L&S首席执行官Captain Abdulkareem Al Masabi表示:“ADNOC计划将LNG生产能力翻一番,以及不断增长的客户需求,船队扩张将是ADNOC L&S发展战略的关键推动因素。这次下单将为我们的船队提供可持续的、创新型船舶,能够在未来25年为我们的客户提供服务,同时也支持ADNOC的天然气增长战略,并继续我们与江南的合作。”

据悉,该型船系江南造船顺应国际最新的LNG船设计理念、自主研发设计的17.5万立方米MARK III薄膜型LNG运输船(“LNG JUMBO”),采用了GTT薄膜型Mark III Flex围护系统,设置4个货舱,舱容达到17.5万立方米,满足目前最新的规范规则,具有主流、可靠、节能环保等特点,综合经济性能指标达到国际先进水平。该型船配备部分再液化系统,使船舶操控和运营管理更加灵活,能效利用得到提升;该船主推的WINGD X-DF低压低速二冲程双燃料主机推进方案,结合优化的双尾鳍线型设计和附加的节能装置,具有更高的推进效率、更低的油耗。配备最新技术的双燃料推进系统,可降低甲烷逃逸和碳排放,并可满足目前最为严格排放要求。同时,该型船满足世界上绝大多数LNG装卸港的适配要求。


据了解,江南造船从1994年开始进行薄膜型LNG围护系统技术研究,并在2002年参与了中国第一个大型LNG船建造项目(广东LNG运输项目)的投标,是当时唯一一家提交MARK III薄膜型LNG运输船技术方案的船厂。

据介绍,MARK III薄膜型货物围护系统的主屏壁为1.2毫米厚度带有纵横方向槽形的不锈钢板(304L),次屏壁为二层玻璃纤维布及一层铝箔的三合一片材,隔热板块为上下层压板夹增强聚氨酯泡沫,其总厚度为270毫米,对大型LNG船的蒸发率可以保持在0.15%以下。该系统的主要优点是主屏壁的不锈钢厚度较厚,304L不锈钢的焊接要求较为容易;不锈钢板价格相对36%镍钢(INVAR)便宜;MARK III的总厚度仅为NO96的一半,船舶的内部空间利用率较高,船舶的尺度比较紧凑。MARK III薄膜型货物围护系统的缺点则是不锈钢热膨胀系数很大,主屏壁需要采用纵横双向槽形结构,加工较为复杂,自动化焊接效率较低。

2013年7月,江南造船成为世界上第一家制作GTT MARK III和MARK III FLEX组合式模拟舱并获得了GTT的资质认可,为进军薄膜型液化气船建造领域打下了坚实基础。2017年,江南造船成立MARK III工程化专项推进工作组,把薄膜型液化气船正式列为战略突破产品。

2018年初,江南造船获得法国达飞海运公司23000TEU超大型LNG双燃料集装箱船订单,该型船上配置了世界上第一批MARK III薄膜型LNG燃料舱。首船已于2020年交付并顺利运营。

2018年9月,江南造船新研发的采用GTT薄膜型Mark III Flex围护系统的LNG运输船获得DNV GL设计原则性认可(AiP)证书。该型灵活、高效和环境友好型LNG运输船的设计是由江南造船联合MARIC、GTT、DNV GL及主要设备厂商合作开发完成的。

2021年5月,江南造船与广东九丰能源签订1艘79800立方米MARK III薄膜型LNG运输船订单,正式进入薄膜型液化气船建造领域。

至此,江南造船实现了配置Type A、Type B、Type C和薄膜型低温液化气围护系统全谱系液化气船研发、设计、建造能力的全覆盖。

江南造船有专业的MARK III围护系统专用培训工场和低温实验室,可以对各类专业工种进行系统性培训,实现人力资源需求峰谷的快速调节;江南造船还在筹建智能立体仓库、扩建培训中心、实验设备资源等,为大型薄膜型LNG船和LNG燃料舱生产成线提供更完善的条件保障,以确保后续建造顺利推进。

在拥有了丰厚技术储备的同时,江南造船也用优质的服务获得了市场的认可。本次项目是江南造船与ADNOC的第二次合作,2020年,ADNOC L&S与万华化学的合资企业AW Shipping在江南造船陆续订造5艘86000方立方米双燃料VLGC,目前项目进展顺利,双方也在合作过程中建立了深厚的友谊,这为双方在本次大型LNG项目的再度合作打下了坚实的基础。


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