October 5, 2023


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Jiangnan Shipbuilding started building the first 15,000TEU dual-fuel container ship for CMA CGM

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Jiangnan Shipbuilding started building the first 15,000TEU dual-fuel container ship for CMA CGM

On June 21, Jiangnan Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and China Shipbuilding Industry Trading Co., Ltd. jointly built the first 15,000TEU dual-fuel large container ship series for CMA CGM.

There are 6 ships in the series, the contract was signed in April 2021, and all deliveries are scheduled for September 2024. This series of ships is independently developed and designed by the No. 708 Research Institute. It is a rebuilt ship (including technical upgrades) of the 15,000TEU dual-fuel large container ship currently being built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding for CMA CGM. This batch of ships has a total length of 366 meters and a width of 51 meters. The GTT Mark III liquid cargo containment system is selected, which has the characteristics of large container capacity, advanced technology, energy saving, and environmental protection.

Compared with the previous batch of ships, this batch of rebuilt ships has upgraded the main engine on the basis of the original and adopts the global new generation of the dual-fuel main engine with intelligent control exhaust gas recirculation (iCER) system. It is understood that after the iCER system is applied to the host, it can automatically track and dynamically adjust the ratio of air and gas through a specific algorithm, reducing methane escape in gas mode by 50% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 28%.

Previously, CMA CGM had ordered 2 18000TEU, 4 23000TEU, and 5 15000TEU container ships in Jiangnan Shipbuilding in 2013, 2017, and 2019 respectively. This cooperation is the fourth cooperation, which further deepens the friendly cooperative relationship between Jiangnan Shipbuilding and CMA CGM, and will further consolidate Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s position in the field of dual-fuel large container ship design and construction.

After years of development and practice, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has accumulated rich experience in design and construction in the field of large and medium-sized container ships. Dual-fuel large-scale container ships have become one of the main products, and have been well received by ship owners and the industry. The monopoly of Korean shipping companies in the new and large container ship market. In the future, Jiangnan Shipbuilding will continue to deepen industry-university-research cooperation with colleges and universities, build the core competitiveness of Jiangnan Shipbuilding, and increase the promotion and application of scientific and technological innovation achievements in shipbuilding, continuously promote product transformation and upgrading, and introduce better quality ships to the market.

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6月21日,中国船舶集团旗下江南造船、中国船舶工业贸易有限公司联合为法国达飞海运集团(CMA CGM)建造的15000TEU双燃料大型集装箱船系列船首船开工。

该系列船共有6艘,于2021年4月签订合同,计划于2024年9月全部交付。该系列船由第七〇八研究所自主研发设计,是江南造船当前为达飞海运正在建造的15000TEU双燃料大型集装箱船的复造船(含技术升级)。该批次船型总长366米,型宽51米,选用GTT Mark III液货围护系统,具有载箱量大、技术先进、节能环保等特点。





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