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Jiangnan Shipbuilding ushered in the 4th batch of undocked this year

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Jiangnan Shipbuidling

On September 22, Jiangnan Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Dock No. 3 ushered in the fourth batch of undocked this year, realizing the double-vessel undocking and double-vessel floating, marking the continuous progress of the company’s rhythmic construction. 

In the morning, the two 86,000cbm VLGCs built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding for AW SHIPPING LIMITED were successively undocked. These are the last two ships in this series, and they are also the ones with the highest integrity among the 86,000cbm VLGC series that have been built so far. 

After the two ships were out of the dock, a 24,100TEU container ship semi-vessel built for MSC and a 93,000cbm VLGC semi-vessel built for Petredec were buoyed and shifted.

This batch of undocked ships has endured the dual pressures of epidemic and high temperature during construction. In order to complete the nodes on schedule, the project team focused on production preparation and efficiency improvement and improved efficiency by determining construction priorities, adjusting the labor force, and solidifying regional personnel. Work efficiency; pay attention to the construction environment in the cabin, ensure a constant temperature in the cabin, and strictly implement the safety management and control of open fire construction.

The 24,100TEU container ship is currently the container ship with the largest packing capacity and the largest deadweight in the world. It is equipped with a hybrid desulfurization device and is designed with the world’s latest green environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, and safety technologies. Among them, the unique small bulbous bow scheme, large-diameter propellers, and energy-saving ducts and other devices fully reflect the fast performance and low energy consumption of the ship.

As the first ship of the 24,100TEU container ship series built for MSC, the construction team continued the company’s previous construction rhythm of the super-large container ship “844”, and further strengthened the construction concept of “perfect compartment” and “perfect engine room”, especially on July 25. After the ring section of the ship was floated and displaced, the carrying part overcame the continuous high-temperature weather, 18 cranes were continuously hoisted, and it only took 28 days to reach the stage of pulling the line and lighting, laying the foundation for the next batch of docking. Before the inspection, the project team carried out a full self-inspection, which improved the inspection efficiency and won high praise from the ship owner and the ship inspection.

The 93,000cbm VLGC is the fourth-generation VLGC boutique ship (Panda 93P) independently developed and designed by the company adhering to the design concept of “energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligence”. It is currently the world’s largest dual-fuel VLGC. Designed with a fourth-generation patented line type (VS-Bow MK-IV), it performs well in full, ballast, and different specific gravity cargo loading conditions. 

As a 93,000cbm VLGC series bow-built ship built for Petredec, due to structural strength requirements, the side is a double-hull structure, which puts forward higher requirements for construction technology and quality control. The project team has formulated a ship-wide quality control management system to ensure that the quality of the entire process is stable and controllable.

The undocking/floating was completed on time, which was the concerted effort of the entire project team, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of the annual ship delivery task. According to the plan, of the two 86,000cbm VLGCs undocked today, the former will be delivered by the end of the year.

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上午,江南造船为AW SHIPPING LIMITED建造的两艘86000立方米VLGC先后出坞,这是该系列船的最后两艘,也是目前已建86000立方米VLGC系列船中完整性最高的。

两船出坞后,一艘为MSC建造的 24100TEU集装箱船半船和一艘为Petredec 建造的93000立方米VLGC半船进行起浮移位。



作为为MSC建造的24100TEU集装箱船系列船首制船,建造团队延续公司此前超大型集装箱船 “844”建造节拍,进一步加强“完美隔舱”、“完美机舱”的建造理念,特别是在7月25日该船环段起浮移位后,搭载部克服连续高温天气,18吊连续吊装,仅用28天就到拉线照光阶段,为下批次出坞打下基础。在交验前,项目团队进行了充分自检,提升了交验效率,获得了船东、船检的高度表扬。

93000立方米VLGC是公司秉承“节能、环保、智能”的设计理念自主研发设计的第四代VLGC精品船型(Panda 93P),是目前世界上最大的双燃料VLGC。设计采用了第四代专利线型(VS-Bow MK-IV),在满载、压载和不同比重的液货装载工况下表现出色。

作为为Petredec 建造的93000立方米VLGC系列船首制船,因为结构强度要求,舷侧为双壳结构,对建造工艺和质量管控都提出了更高要求。项目团队制定了全船质量把控管理制度,确保整个过程质量平稳可控。



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