December 6, 2023


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“Lianyungang – Vladivostok” Russia Container Line Trial Successfully

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"Lianyungang - Vladivostok" Russia Container Line

On January 6, the Russian container route of Sakhalin Shipping (hereinafter referred to as SASCO) was successfully tested at berth 27# of Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LPCT).

At the beginning of the route, a 548TEU container ship, named “Irem“, operated biweekly, and the port order was: Lianyungang – Vladivostok (VLADIVOSTOK FISH PORT). SASCO is the second Russian foreign trade route opened in LPCT after FESCO. This route undertakes the supply of goods to and from Russia through the method of “land transportation/railway/feeder line + sea transportation + railway”, which enriches the new logistics channel between China and Russia.

It is reported that LPCT will cooperate with SASCO and Hangmu Group in depth. After the operation of the route is stable, it will further open other container liner routes such as “Busan, Vanino”, and build Lianyungang Port into SASCO‘s home port and international transit port in China.

Source: Xinde Marine


来源: 信德海事网


该航线初期投入一条548TEU的集装箱船,船名“依瑞姆”,双周班运营,挂港顺序:连云港—海参崴(VLADIVOSTOK FISH PORT)。SASCO是继FESCO之后,在LPCT开通的第二条俄罗斯外贸航线。此条航线通过“陆运/铁路/支线+海运+铁路”的方式承接往返俄罗斯流向的货源,丰富了中俄之间的物流新通道。


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