December 6, 2023


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Maersk explores new ways to accelerate green fuel production

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Maersk explores new ways to accelerate green fuel production

On March 28, witnessed by the Egyptian Prime Minister, Maersk signed a memorandum of cooperation with Egyptian stakeholders to further accelerate the supply of green fuel and jointly promote the transformation of global shipping to net-zero emissions.

The partnership follows Maersk’s announcement earlier this month of a fuel procurement partnership with six companies. Maersk will work with the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and Sovereign Fund of Egypt to cooperate in project investment and construction.

Henriette Hallberg Thygesen, CEO of AP Moller-Maersk Fleet and Strategic Business, said: “Egypt has an excellent environment for renewable energy production and aims to lead the development of the global green energy value chain. Egypt has more than 100 years of business cooperation, and I am very happy to jointly explore various green fuel production paths on this basis.”

The parties plan to conduct a feasibility study by the end of 2022 to explore the production of hydrogen from renewable energy and green marine fuel production in Egypt, which Maersk has committed to procuring.

“Access to sufficient quantities of green energy and fuels at cost-competitive prices is the biggest challenge facing the global shipping industry to decarbonize,” said Tygersen. “For Maersk, we recently announced a partnership with six industry-leading companies on green fuels Strategic partnerships are key to meeting this challenge, but achieving the 1.5-degree temperature target will require larger-scale green fuel production over the next decade. This is what this partnership explores.”

Yhia Zaki, Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority, said: “Based on Egypt’s current situation and development vision, the Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority’s strategic integration of ports and industrial parks around the Suez Canal, as well as the solid and lasting long-term cooperation established with Maersk I am very much looking forward to the development of this project to meet the mutual goals of transitioning towards a green economy.”

Ayman Soliman, CEO of the Egyptian Sovereign Fund, said: “Maersk has been working with the Egyptian government for over a century and this partnership will create a very unique opportunity. Especially for the Egyptian Sovereign Fund, this adds a new dimension to our goal of achieving zero emissions. Maersk’s commitment to accelerating green fuel supply and transitioning to net-zero shipping will help expand the reach of the Suez Canal and help build Suez into a green bunkering hub in the region.”

Maersk plans to explore similar partnership opportunities in other regions with strong renewable energy development potential, leveraging commercial and government power to provide countries and business players with opportunities to accelerate the production of green fuels that are critical to decarbonizing shipping.

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此次合作是马士基继本月早前宣布与六家公司达成燃料采购合作之后的又一举措,马士基将与苏伊士运河经济区管理总局 (Suez Canal Economic Zone)、埃及新能源和可再生能源管理局 (Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority)、埃及电力传输公司 (Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company) 和埃及主权基金(Sovereign Fund of Egypt)在项目投资及建设方面展开合作。

A.P. 穆勒-马士基船队及战略业务首席执行官泰格森女士(Henriette Hallberg Thygesen)表示:“埃及拥有可再生能源生产的绝佳环境,并志在引领全球绿色能源价值链的发展。我们与埃及有着100余年的业务合作,非常高兴能够在此基础上共同探索各种绿色燃料生产路径。”

双方计划在 2022 年底之前进行可行性研究,探索在埃及以可再生能源制备氢和绿色船用燃料生产,马士基承诺对该燃料进行采购。

泰格森说:“以具有成本竞争力的价格获得足够数量的绿色能源和燃料是全球航运业实现脱碳面临的最大挑战。对于马士基来说,我们最近宣布与六家行业领先公司就绿色燃料建立战略合作伙伴关系是应对这一挑战的关键举措,但要实现 1.5 度温控目标,在未来十年内需要更大规模的绿色燃料生产。这是此次建立合作伙伴关系所探索的内容。”

苏伊士运河经济区管理总局主席Yhia Zaki表示:“基于埃及目前的情况和发展愿景,苏伊士运河经济区管理总局在苏伊士运河周边港口和工业园区的战略整合,以及与马士基建立的稳固和持久的长期合作关系,我非常期待这个项目的发展,以满足双方向绿色经济转型的共同目标。”

埃及主权基金首席执行官 Ayman Soliman 表示:“马士基与埃及政府合作已逾百年,此次合作将创建一个非常独特的机会。特别是对于埃及主权基金来说,这为我们实现零排放目标增加了新的维度。马士基致力于加快绿色燃料供应和向净零航运转型的努力有助于拓展苏伊士运河的服务范围,并助力苏伊士建设成为该地区绿色燃料加注枢纽。”



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