October 5, 2023


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MAN wins order of dual-fuel engine for CO2 Carrier from DSIC

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MAN wins order of dual-fuel engine for CO2 Carrier from DSIC

Man Energy Solutions has received an order from DSIC for two MAN B&W 7S35ME-GI dual-fuel engines for two 7,500cbm CO2 carriers built by DSIC. It is reported that the shipowner Northern Lights, a joint venture between Equinor, Shell and Total Energy, will deliver the two 130-meter new ships in mid-2024.

The new ships will be designed to transport liquid carbon dioxide in purpose-built pressurized cargo tanks, equipped with dual-fuel ME-GI engines that will primarily burn LNG, each ME-GI engine will be equipped with MAN Energy Solutions’ patented EcoEGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). )system. The new ships will also be fitted with other technologies such as wind-assisted propulsion and air lubrication, which can reduce carbon intensity by approximately 34 percent compared to conventional systems. The two new ships, the first of their kind, have the potential to set new standards for CO2 transport on coastal trade routes.

Wayne Jones OBE, Member of the Executive Board and Chief Sales Officer of MAN, said, “We are delighted to be playing a part in this pioneering project, where the focus of the maritime sector is currently on reducing methane slip, where our dual-fuel ME-GI engine will be used. The project minimises emissions from transport vessels. The construction of these vessels can revolutionize the development of flexible and efficient European infrastructure for capturing CO2 from industrial customers, and I believe this project has enormous potential for application across Europe.”

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Man Energy Solutions已经接获大船集团2台MAN B&W 7S35ME-GI双燃料发动机订单,用于其建造的2艘7500立方米液态二氧化碳运输船。

据悉,船东Northern Lights公司是Equinor、壳牌和道达尔能源三方组建的一家合资企业,该公司这2艘长130米的新船将于2024年中期交付。

新船的设计将采用专门建造的加压货物舱运输液态二氧化碳,配备的双燃料ME-GI发动机将主要燃烧LNG,每台ME-GI发动机将配备MAN Energy Solutions公司具有专利的EcoEGR(废气再循环)系统。新船还将安装诸如风力辅助推进系统和空气润滑等其它技术,与传统系统相比,能将碳强度降低大约34%。这2艘新船作为同类船中的首批船,有可能将为沿海贸易航线上的二氧化碳运输设定新标准。

MAN公司执行董事会成员兼首席销售官Wayne Jones OBE表示,“我们很高兴能在这个开创性项目中发挥作用,目前海事领域的重点是减少甲烷滑移,我们的双燃料ME-GI发动机将在该项目中将运输船的排放量降至最低。这些船舶的建造能革命性的开发灵活高效的欧洲基础设施,用于从工业客户捕获二氧化碳,我相信这个项目在整个欧洲具有巨大的应用潜力。”


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