November 27, 2022


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New Dayang Shipbuilding delivered a 75,000DWT Bulk carrier

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75,000DWT domestic trade bulk carrier built by Xindayang Shipbuilding for Fujian Shishi Dingsheng Shipping -Dingxin 112

On February 17, the 75,000DWT domestic trade bulk carrier built by New Dayang Shipbuilding for Fujian Shishi Dingsheng Shipping was successfully delivered, and the ship was named “Dingxin 112“. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the ship signed the delivery documents by means of “cloud delivery”.

The 75,000DWT domestic trade bulk carrier is currently one of the largest ship types in my country’s coastal north-south routes, with a total length of 209.9 meters, a width of 36 meters, a depth of 18 meters, a design draft of 11.3 meters, and a structural draft of 12.8 meters. The ship is a new energy-saving ship model for domestic trade that focuses on the “river and sea” domestic trade. The advanced environmental protection, energy-saving, and manufacturing technologies of foreign trade ships are introduced into the research and development design of domestic trade ships, which greatly meets the needs of domestic trade ship owners.

In June 2020, New Dayang Shipbuilding and Fujian Shishi Dingsheng Shipping Co., Ltd. signed two 75,000DWT domestic trade bulk carriers. Dingsheng Shipping is a private shipping company with great pioneering consciousness. It has built ships in shipyards along the Yangtze River many times and plans to develop a high-quality coastal shipping capacity of 1 million tons, which also lays the foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.

The 75,000DWT domestic bulk carrier delivered on the same day is the second of three ships of the same type built by New Dayang Shipbuilding for Shishi Dingsheng Shipping. The first ship was delivered to the owner on December 17 last year and received the owner’s approval, specially sent a thank you letter to praise the quality of the product and thank the relevant departments and personnel for their hard work.

The ship is also the second ship delivered by New Dayang Shipbuilding this year, and the first ship delivered after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. Since the start of construction after the year, all employees of New Dayang Shipbuilding have been fully committed to production with the spirit of “starting is a decisive battle, and starting is a sprint”, making a good start and a good start for the full completion of the annual ship delivery task.

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