November 28, 2022


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New Times Shipbuilding delivered the second 163,000DWT Oil Tanker to DYNACOM

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New Times Shipbuilding delivered 163,000 DWT Oil Tanker to DYNACOM
163,000 Oil Tanker — AFRICA

On the morning of February 23, New Times Shipbuilding held a signing and delivery ceremony for the 22# 163,000-ton oil tanker “AFRICA”. General Manager Liu Haijin, Executive Deputy General Manager Zhang Yuyong, and representatives of the Greek shipowner Danone Kong attended the event. Zhang Yuyong and the representative of the Greek shipowner DYNACOM jointly signed the delivery document.

Greek shipowner DYNACOM has ordered five 163,000-ton crude oil tankers of the same type in New Times Shipbuilding. The “AFRICA” delivered this time is the second one. The first ship was successfully delivered on January 27.

The 163,000DWT series crude oil tanker has a total length of 274 meters, a two-column length of 268.8 meters, a molded width of 50 meters, a molded depth of 23.2 meters, a design draft of 16.1 meters, a structural draft of 17.15 meters, a cabin capacity of 180,000cbm, a deadweight tonnage of 163,000DWT, and structural cargo compartment subdivision. 14 pieces, can load crude oil with a flashpoint below 60℃ (including 60℃), equipped with a MAN BW 6G70ME-C10.5 Tier III (HPSCR), the maximum main engine power (SMCR) is 15100KW, the normal continuous sailing power (NCR) ) is 11854kW, with the design draft, main engine power NCR, and 15% sea state reserve, the speed is about 14.5 knots, the ship is equipped with energy-saving duct PSV and rudder ball, the ship’s endurance is about 21,500 nautical miles, and it is equipped with 3 generators to generate electricity. The machine power is 1200KW, 1 emergency generator, the power is 350KW, and it is classified by Bureau Veritas (BV).

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163000吨系列原油船总长274米,两柱长268.8米,型宽50米,型深23.2米,设计吃水16.1米,结构吃水17.15米,舱容180000立方米,载重吨163000吨,结构货舱分舱14个,可装载闪点在60℃以下(包含60℃)的原油,装配一台MAN BW 6G70ME-C10.5 Tier III(HPSCR),最大主机功率(SMCR)为15100KW,正常持续航行功率(NCR)为11854kW,在设计吃水、主机功率NCR、留有15%海况储备下,航速约为14.5节,该船带节能导管PSV和舵球,船舶续航力约21500海里,装配有3台发电机,发电机功率为1200KW,1台应急发电机,功率为350KW,入级法国船级社(BV)。


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