February 28, 2024


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New Times Shipbuilding successfully launched a 110,000DWT Oil Tanker

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New Times Shipbuilding successfully launched a 110,000DWT Oil Tanker

On the afternoon of April 2, the 11# 110,000-ton oil tanker built in the 1# dock area of the West District of New Times Shipbuilding successfully left the dock and docked at the outfitting dock. The major launch node was realized as scheduled. 

BIHAR INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, the owner of the 11# 110,000DWT oil tanker, has ordered 4 110,000-ton oil tankers and 2 50,000-ton chemical/tank tankers in New Times Shipbuilding. Currently, 2 110,000-ton oil tankers and 2 50,000DWT oil tankers have been delivered. The chemical/oil tanker, the third ship in the 110,000DWT series of tankers launched this time. 

This type of 11# 110,000DWT oil tanker has a total length of 249.9 meters, a molded width of 44 meters, a molded depth of 21.3 meters, a design draft of 13.5 meters, a structural draft of 15 meters, a cabin capacity of 129,000cbm, a structural draft of 110,500 tons of weight, and is classified as American ship class. Society (ABS).

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11#110000吨油船的船东沙特是BIHAR INTERNATIONAL COMPANY,在新时代造船共订造了4艘110000吨油船和2艘50000吨化学品/油船,目前己交付2艘110000吨油船和2艘50000吨化学品/油船,此次下水的是110000吨系列油船的第3艘船舶。



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