February 28, 2024


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NYK to develop a design of Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel

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marine-news-NYK to develop a design of Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel

NYK and its research and development institution Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) will cooperate with Finnish maritime consulting and engineering company Elomatic Oy to jointly develop the concept design of an Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel (ARLFV).

On September 9, NYK disclosed that the group and Elomatic will carry out conceptual design development work between September 2021 and January 2022 to identify and explore the challenges faced in the actual design and construction of ARLFV. After the project is completed in January 2022, the partners will publish the development results in the form of a video, with a 3D model attached.

NYK and Elomatic have developed ARLFV. This design can be converted into ships using ammonia fuel after the supply is ready. ARLFV is defined as the “next-generation transition solution” to realize the transformation of marine fuel from LNG to ammonia.

Currently, NYK and MTI use LNG as a low-carbon ship fuel to promote fleet upgrades in order to achieve the medium and long-term environmental goals of NYK. LNG-powered ships are set as the transitional solution for future ship fuels. NYK has also participated in projects such as the safe use of ammonia as a marine fuel, with the aim of launching zero-emission ships such as ammonia-powered or hydrogen-powered ships in the future.

Source International Shipping Network

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