April 13, 2024


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PETRONAS performed its first LNG bunkering operation

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marine-news-PETRONAS conducted the first LNG bunkering operation


PETRONAS successfully conducted the first LNG Bunkering operation via its LNG Bunker Vessel (LBV) – MV Avenir Advantage – at the Pintu Gedung anchorage, Port Klang, Malaysia.

The operation enabled MV Solar Roma, a Liberian Tanker en route to the Mediterranean to complete its LNG bunker transfer of 865 m3 sourced from the PETRONAS Energy and Gas Trading business in less than 12 hours upon its arrival at the anchorage.

Commenting on the milestone, Head of PETRONAS Marine Emry Mohd Tamrin said, “The expansion of this operation will further strengthen our presence and position us ahead of the curve to capture the increasing market of bunkering solutions. In line with our aspiration to be a one-stop marine fuel solutions partner, we are pleased to have the support of port authorities to offer cleaner fuel for the marine industry.”

“The PETRONAS LNG bunkering business is a reflection of the Group’s commitment to sustainability as a progressive energy and solutions partner and supports the International Maritime Organization (IMO) goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” added Emry.

This latest LNG bunkering solution is designed to capture the end-to-end market as well as meet its customer and regional demands in providing cleaner energy. 

The 7,500 cubic meter MV Avenir Advantage is the first dedicated LBV, serving customers in Southeast Asia and used to promote LNG as a cleaner marine fuel in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Source Petronas Press Release

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