April 13, 2024


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Qingdao Sunrui reached international standards BWMS using Electrolytic methods

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From Qingdao Sunrui

On November 17, the ISO 23314-2 “Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction of BWMS using Electrolytic methods”, by Qingdao Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., was officially released. This is the first international standard issued in the field of electrolytic ballast water treatment, filling the international gap in this field.

This international standard project was formally approved in 2018. The project team has organized many international conferences and took opinions from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), port state authorities, classification societies, ballast water management system manufacturers, and third-party testing agencies worldwide. The standard was passed in the final draft of the international standard (FDIS) stage, and was recognized by major member states such as China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Panama.

According to the requirements of the IMO “Ballast Water Management System Approval Rules” (BWMS CODE for short), all ballast water management systems must undergo system risk assessment during type approval. The ISO 23314-2 standard mainly stipulates the principles, methods and procedures for risk assessment and risk reduction, and supplements the BWMS CODE. The shipowner provided a strong technical basis and support.

The successful release of this international standard fully demonstrated Qingdao Sunrui’s technical strength in the field of electrolytic ballast water treatment, and further enhanced my country’s international influence in the field of ballast water treatment. As the first international standard setter in the field of global electrolysis ballast water management system, Qingdao Sunrui will continue to strengthen technological upgrading and product innovation in the future, continue to improve the marine environment with technology and innovation, and continue to export Chinese solutions for global marine environmental protection.

Source Qingdao Sunrui

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