December 5, 2023


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SCHOTTEL joins with Lyon Shipyard to provide more professional services for the US Offshore Wind Market

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SCHOTTEL joins with Lyon Shipyard to provide more professional services for the US Offshore Wind Market

German ship propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL has recently reached a joint agreement with Lyon Shipyard in the United States. Based on a common long-term strategy, the two parties will jointly expand their position in the U.S. offshore wind power industry, providing services for existing markets and future emerging offshore wind power. The wind farm market provides services.

It is understood that the operation of U.S. offshore wind farms will require a large fleet of Jones Act-compliant Operation and Maintenance Vessels (SOVs), which will be equipped with thrusters and dynamic positioning systems, while also requiring regular dry-docks for maintenance. and thruster overhaul. With this new partnership, SCHOTTEL and Lyon Shipyard are ready for new challenges.

Johnny Gaskins, Vice President of Production at Lyon Shipyard, noted, “Our partnership started many years ago with a harbour tugboat, where we overhauled the drive under the supervision of Schotel. We now have a large number of Z drives, including spare parts and components, already capable of servicing SCHOTTEL propulsion systems of all power ranges.”

Gary Aucoin, President of SCHOTTEL, said, “We have extensive experience in the European offshore wind sector and the US commercial workboat market, benefiting from a network of global expertise, and this new agreement will help us build a best-in-class presence in the US East Coast. ”

According to the agreement, Lyon Shipyard has invested in the construction of a 500-square-meter Z-drive maintenance building, and SCHOTTEL will provide the shipyard with technicians and technical support.

Dedicated Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs) for the global wind power industry are currently in limited supply, of which 2 WTIVs are already equipped with SCHOTTEL propellers, the owner DEME’s “Innovation” and the owner Jan de Nul. “Vole au Vent”. In addition, more wind power installation vessels, such as the “Voltaire” and “Les Alizés” currently under construction by the owner Jan de Nul, will also be equipped with SCHOTTEL‘s propulsion system. The two new ships, due for delivery later this year, will be the largest WTIVs of their kind in the world.

As one of the leading ships and contractors on the U.S. East Coast, Lyon Shipyard is committed to providing customers with high-quality repair and construction services, including marine electronics repairs, industrial fabrication, barge repairs, dockside repairs, and hauling ships out of the water and back into the water. Underwater repairs to equipment such as propellers, tail shafts, rudders, keel coolers, and hull plating.

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Lyon船厂生产副总裁Johnny Gaskins指出,“我们的合作伙伴关系始于多年前的港口拖船,我们在肖特尔的监督下对驱动装置进行大修。现在,我们已经拥有大量的Z驱动,包括备件和部件,已经有能力为所有功率范围的肖特尔推进系统提供服务。”

肖特尔公司总裁Gary Aucoin介绍说,“我们在欧洲海上风电领域和美国商用工作船市场拥有丰富的经验,受益于全球专业知识的网络,此次的新协议将帮助我们在美国东海岸建立一流的服务基地。与Lyon船厂合作,我们身边将有一个合作伙伴,位于美国海岸海上风场的中心,因此,我们将能继续为我们的客户提供所期望的服务水平。”


全球风电行业的专用风力涡轮机安装船(WTIV)目前供应有限,其中已有2艘WTIV配备了肖特尔公司的推进器,分别是船东DEME公司的“Innovation”号和船东Jan de Nul公司的“Vole au Vent”号。此外,更多的风电安装船,例如船东Jan de Nul公司目前正在建造的“Voltaire”号和“Les Alizés”号2艘船,也将配备肖特尔的推进系统。这2艘新船将于今年晚些时候交付,将是全球同类船中最大的WTIV。



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