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Shandong Eurasian Wantong provides high-quality marine machinery

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Shandong Eurasian Wantong Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd

Shandong Eurasian Wantong Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd specializes in marine machinery. The Shandong province-based company is advanced in scientific research, development, and manufacture in the shipping area. The company has rich experience in manufacturing outstanding watercraft machines with perfect measurement instruments.

The company is a new-type one, which can together carry out scientific research, development, and manufacture. The company has a batch of middle and high rank special technical personnel, providing professional products.

Reliable and high-quality marine machinery products gain trust from customers

With the support and direction of Shanghai Merchant Shipping Design and Research Institute (SDARI), 708 Research Institute, Wuhan Changjiang Shipping Design, the Shandong company has full ability to provide intermediate bearings, bulkhead stuffing box, muffler, marine screw thread standards of the same kind of products made in the country. These products have been approved by “CCS”.

The application of products along the Changjiang river line has high trust from MARIC and SDARI.

Shandong’s factory has pioneered large simulation testing table and kinds of testing equipment. It possessed perfect inspection methods and a quality system. Its products are sold in the domestic markets and many of them to Hongkong, Southeast Asia, etc.

The products from Shandong Eurasian Wantong Ocean Engineering have won a very good reputation from the customer by the reliable, high-quality products and good service.

The purpose in the shipping industry: honesty and credit are fundamental, punctuality, and customer value.

Besides the company can also provide the service of design and manufacture of various shipping fittings.

Professional service:

  • Technological service for installation on the spot.
  • Research and design on sealing kinds of the machinery screw shaft
  • Design, production, and manufacturing service on the ship’s stern shaft system.
  • Design, production, and manufacture service on ship’s rudder shaft system.

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Shandong Eurasian Wantong – Marine Machinery
Shandong Eurasian Wantong – Marine Machinery
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