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Shanghai Bluesoul and TORGY LNG accomplished the first LNG FGSS

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From Shanghai Bluesoul

Shanghai BlueSoul and its subsidiary Norwegian TORGY LNG have accomplished the first collaborative project, marking a major milestone between two parties. The successful project is to provide the LNG fuel gas supply system (LNG FGSS) for the 15,000-ton dual-fuel chemical tanker from the Swedish TERNTANK.

The 15,000 DWT dual-fuel Chemical tanker is constructed in China Merchants Yangzhou Jinling Shipyard.

The performance of the LNG FGSS is outstanding which earns the satisfaction from TERNTANK and the professional commissioning team impressed both China Merchants Yangzhou Jinling Shipyard and BV Classification Society.

marine-news-LNG FGSS - Shanghai Blue Soul - terntank
From Shanghai Bluesoul

The LNG FGSS features six major subsystems, the core gas supply system, water-glycol system, venting system, ventilation system, control air system, and nitrogen system. The system reached the standards of the sea trial test and gas test at the same time.

Building high-quality products based on professional attitude

The project team and commissioning team have overcome the difficulties during the epidemic and effect of typhoon “Fireworks” to meet the strict requirement standards and delivery schedule. The technical and comprehensive design of LNG FGSS is not only guaranteed operability and a high level of automation but ensures safety.

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The company has developed and designed FGSS products and fully covers all types of liquid cargo maintenance systems, and related product design, production. With strong experience and global services, the company has successfully delivered a number of overseas projects for LNG FGSS since 2017.

Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Bluesoul) was founded in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, on September 11, 2015.

“Become the world’s most professional provider and leader in the field of marine environmental protection management solutions and continue to contribute to the marine environment” is the vision of Blue Soul. The core value is “creating value for customers and sharing the success with the team”.

Source Shanghai Bluesoul

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