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Shanghai Port will become the third port in the world with LNG bunkering service

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Recently, a behemoth can be seen from time to time on the sea in the Yangshan port area of Shanghai Port – a 20,000cbm liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel, the world’s largest, is eager to try it out. The CMA CGM container liner in the mountain port area provides LNG bunkering services. 

This will be the “first order in China” for the bonded LNG bunkering business for ships on international voyages, and it also means that Shanghai Port will become the third port in the world with LNG bunkering service capabilities after the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the Port of Singapore. Xu Longping, chairman of Shanghai SIPG Energy Service Co., Ltd., told reporters that the new business will bring new performance growth points to Shanghai Port, and more importantly, it will help improve the service functions of Shanghai Port and attract dual-fuel international ships to berth. , enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Shanghai International Shipping Center and promote the sustainable development of the shipping industry.

LNG Bunkering- Shanghai Port

Continuous innovation to empower the development of Shanghai Port

For this “first-order”, Yangshan Port has been preparing silently for a year. Relevant personnel has carried out a lot of work, including verification of safety, formulation of procedures, and innovations in systems and management. With the support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and various competent authorities, with the institutional advantages of the Lingang New Area of ​​the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and with the support of the LNG base in Yangshan Port Area and the hardware foundation of Shanghai Port Terminal, Shanghai Port has seen the dawn of victory.

People who are familiar with the development history of Shanghai Port have a special feeling for Yangshan Port, not only because Shanghai Port has moved towards the deep blue and the sea from here, but also because Yangshan Port has always been the vanguard of Shanghai Port’s pioneering and innovative. Here, one case after another has emerged that empowered the whole of Hong Kong with innovative achievements.

In the past two years, the epidemic has brought many challenges to the global port and shipping industry, but Shanghai Port has repeatedly broken records in throughput and production efficiency despite zero growth in shoreline resources and has become a “reassuring pill” for the international logistics supply chain. In 2021, the container throughput of Shanghai Port will increase significantly by 8.1% year-on-year, exceeding 47 million TEUs in one fell swoop. Yangshan Port, like a highland for the release of Shanghai port capacity, performed particularly well. The annual throughput exceeded 22.8 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 12.8%.

Yang Yanbin, deputy general manager of the production business department of SIPG, said frankly that this “miracle” is the result of Yangshan Port’s continuous upgrading of hardware and software, as well as continuous internal exploration of potential through institutional, business, and technological innovation.

In terms of hardware, in the past year, 5 bridge cranes and 12 rail cranes have been added to the Yangshan Phase IV Automation Terminal, and the container throughput has exceeded 5.7 million TEUs. Started, the empty container yard originated from the “Shanghai Port Northeast Asia Empty Container Transportation Center” project launched by Shanghai Port in a proactive and innovative manner, with a view to cooperating with shipping companies after the shipping industry returns to normal, so as to make effective use of excess empty containers. Promote the healthy development of the international shipping industry.

In terms of software, SIPG continues to promote the informatization and intelligent construction of the port with Yangshan Port Area as the test field. Relying on a digital twin system officially launched at the end of 2020, the fourth phase of the Yangshan automated terminal will be replicated in a virtual space. Through this technology, in the past year, the intelligent management and control system of the terminal has continuously tested and optimized the algorithm without affecting the operation of the real port, further improving the operation efficiency. At the same time, relying on the “Smart Port Production Smart Digital Platform” built by SIPG under the epidemic situation, the big data of each terminal has been opened up, and the shipping plan of Yangshan Port has been upgraded from 48 hours to 72 hours, which has effectively improved the port’s ship operation arrangements. Predictability, and utilization of shoreline and mechanical resources. In addition, after the data was opened up, the Yangshan Port Area Shengdong and Guandong Terminals innovatively launched the “shared yard” operation mode between adjacent terminals, which further improved the utilization rate of resources such as storage yards and trucks…

In addition to the above measures, innovative projects such as 5G smart heavy trucks and SIPG ultra-long-range smart command and control center have also blossomed on the land of Yangshan Port Area, which is expected to further empower the future development of Shanghai Port.

Smart port- Shanghai Port

Based on the present, but also planning for the future in advance

Entering the new year, the global shipping industry is still full of challenges, but the reporter learned that SIPG has set a higher goal and strives to make greater breakthroughs on the basis of last year’s 47.033 million TEUs. Yangshan port area is still the main contributor to the growth of container volume.

To challenge higher goals, what confidence does Yangshan Port have? Or rely on one step at a time, not only based on the present, but also take a long-term view, and plan for the future in advance.

Last year, the digital twin system applied in the Yangshan Phase IV automated terminal has begun to be gradually applied in other terminals. This year, with the help of new technologies and means such as VR and digital twin, SIPG plans to continue to promote the construction of the “Smart Port Production Smart Digital Platform” to form version 2.0. In version 1.0, SIPG can get a real-time understanding of the operation of Shanghai Port‘s terminals through a large smart screen. The future goal is to obtain more detailed information, even including the operation of each piece of equipment on the terminal, the situation of ships sailing on the route, the operation of the collection and distribution system connecting the port area, etc., so as to achieve a higher level of terminal production. , A higher level of real-time dynamic control.

At the same time, the “Shanghai Port Northeast Asia Empty Container Transfer Center” located in Yangshan Port Area is also expected to be opened in the first half of this year. SIPG will use a new digital operation mode to increase the number of empty containers in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, along Yangtze River, and The transfer efficiency between ports in Northeast Asia will improve the resource allocation capacity and level of Shanghai Port for global empty containers.

Based on this long-term layout, SIPG is also actively seeking partners to promote the construction of the Waigaoqiao Sub-center of the Empty Container Dispatching Center, copy the model of Yangshan Port Area to Waigaoqiao Port Area, and plan to Find sites in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta and along the Yangtze River, and build more sub-centers.

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