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Solstad Offshore entrusted Wärtsilä on its mission to cut off 50 percent CO2 emissions

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CSV NormandMaximus-Source Solstad

CSV NormandMaximus-Source Solstad Offshore

Solstad Offshore has strongly put their effort in dealing with the GHG emissions, reflects on turning to the technology company Wärtsilä in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet and achieve its decarbonization ambitions including full carbon neutrality by 2050.

According to Solstad Offshore path, the company committed to achieving a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. This partnership will leverage the process and find the solution for the 100 modern ships owned company.

marine-news-Solstad Goal
Source Solstad Offshore

Tor Inge Dale, Head of Sustainability at Solstad Offshore, remarked: “Cooperation is essential if we are to implement the solutions needed to succeed with the green shift that is underway. For this reason, we at Solstad are partnering with forward-looking companies such as Wärtsilä who have the expertise, experience, and innovative technologies required.”

Moreover, the partnership is seeking to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions that will increase fuel efficiency and significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Solstad’s offshore vessels. In addition, each vessel will be assessed for appropriate solutions, possible operational improvements and life extension considerations.

Wärtsilä and Solstad Offshore on decarbonization goal
Source Wärtsilä

Cato Esperø, Head of Sales, Wärtsilä Norway, commented: “Solstad has a clear and ambitious strategy to become the owner and operator of the industry’s greenest fleet of vessels. We are happy and proud to have been selected to collaborate in this major decarbonization project. Since no single solution will be relevant to every ship, by working together we intend to find what works best and most efficiently on a case-by-case basis. We see this as a blueprint for achieving the best possible results.”

Recently, the offshore company has upgrade 11 vessels from its fleet with battery hybrid conversions in December last year.

Since Solstad hopes to reach full carbon neutrality by 2050, in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions since 2009, Solstad has launched the “Solstad Green Operations” (SGO) fuel-saving program. Through embarking on this project, the company has saved as much as 15-20% fuel during operations. Above all, there will be challenges on the way to reaching the net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Moreover, the further reduction to 50 percent is expected to be reached by optimizing energy efficiencies, and by retrofitting the vessels to operate with alternative fuels such as hydrogenammonia, and methanol, while new ship designs must be capable of offering low or zero emissions from the outset, according to Wärtsilä’s statement.

Roy H. Stavland, Senior Sales Manager at Wärtsilä, explained: “It is too early to determine which solutions will prove to be the most appropriate for meeting the GHG emission reductions envisioned by Solstad. However, it is extremely likely that future propulsion solutions operating with new alternative fuels, such as ammonia and/or methanol, will be key enablers as these fuels become widely available for bunkering.”

Prior to this, Wärtsilä was selected to provide a broad scope of power solution for three new LNG-fueled Ro-Pax vessels from Stena RoRo. Per Westling from Stena RoRo entrusted the leading know-how in LNG technology company to achieve decarbonization goal.

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