November 27, 2022


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Stainless Steel Tanker and 2 tankers of Furetank in FKAB designs are about to be delivered

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FKAB marks a great milestone in the ship’s design. As the latest report, FKAB announced that the launching of two different types of vessels, based on FKAB design, has been launched on December 10. The vessels are built at China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng Co. Ltd.

I/ 12,000 DWT Stainless Steel tanker is developed by FKAB Marine Design and will be the largest stainless steel tanker in the domestic chemical fleet.

Same as other FKAB tanker designs, this 12,000DWT chemical tanker also has the proven FKAB F-Bow hull form to ensure good performance in both calm and harsh sea conditions.

II/ 16,300 DWT/18,000 DWT tanker is an FKAB design with ice class 1A.
Fure Vinga is the next one to be delivered followed by Fure Viten later this spring.
These are vessels number 7 & 8 in a series of very environmentally friendly tankers, equipped with batteries and dual-fuel engines for LNG operation.

They carry 16,300 DWT on design draught & 18,000 DWT on scantling draught.

This vessel concept is named FKAB T24C1 and was developed by FKAB together with the owner Furetank.

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