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The first Malaysian LNG bunkering vessel received AiP

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marine-news-The first Malaysian LNG bunkering vessel received AiP

As the world is accelerating on using LNG as a marine fuel, now the global LNG fleet expanding over 100 million cubic meters. In line with the rapid increase of the LNG fleet, an LNG bunkering ship is necessary for the mid and long-term operation.

To meet the demand for LNG as a marine fuel, the first LNG bunkering vessel concept from Malaysia’s LNG Marine Company‘s has recently received the Approval of Principles (AiP) issued by the French Bureau of Shipping (BV). Founded in 2020, LNG Marine is committed to promoting the use of LNG as a transition to zero carbon emissions, and also professionally designing and developing LNG bunkering vessels.

According to reports, BV confirmed that the design meets the requirements of technical, regulatory, and safety standards. This is also Malaysia’s first newly-built LNG fuel bunker concept.

According to the French Classification Society, LNG-powered ships are one of the important steps to reduce emissions from the shipping industry. The increasing size of LNG-powered ships makes the demand for LNG fueling far beyond the current supply capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new ones. LNG bunkering ship.

It is understood that LNG Marine’s new design will integrate the latest ship classification symbols in terms of network management and environmental protection, and will also incorporate battery hybrid power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in future operations.

Ahmad Sufian Abdul Rashid, Chairman of LNG Marine, said, “The demand for LNG as a fuel in Southeast Asia will increase, which is in line with the IMO’s sustainable development agenda and the broader goal of the shipbuilding industry towards net zero carbon emissions. Malaysia is An important LNG bunkering center, with more than 100,000 ships passing through the Strait of Malacca every year. In addition, the Malaysian coast has 2 regasification terminals and 1 FSU, which will provide a stable supply of LNG.”

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