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The first PetroChina 174,000cbm LNG Carrier built by Hudong Zhonghua finished a trial voyage

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The first PetroChina 174,000cbm LNG Carrier built by Hudong Zhonghua finished a trial voyage

At noon on August 23, accompanied by a loud whistle, the 174,000cbm LNG carrier H1831A, the first PetroChina LNG carrier built by Hudong Zhonghua, made a triumphant trial voyage and safely docked at Changxing No. 0 base wharf. It took five and a half days to complete the trial voyage ahead of schedule the task and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent gas trial and delivery.

The ship is the first 174,000cbm large-scale LNG carrier manufactured by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding for PetroChina and COSCO Shipping to expand the LNG industry. It is an upgraded and optimized LNG carrier based on the company’s self-designed fourth-generation XDF dual-fuel propulsion. The latest generation of LNG carriers has reached the world-class level in terms of technical performance, environmental protection indicators, and reliability requirements.

The ship is the first ship with many overall projects and engine projects, and all have to test the dual-engine mode and the left-right single-engine mode. If the test is carried out step by step, it will take a long time. With the full support of the ship owner and ship inspection, the LNG project team integrated the resources of the design institute, the quality assurance department, the supporting department, and other departments to formulate a plan carefully, laying a solid foundation for the orderly advancement of the sea trial project. During the sea trial, the sea trial leading group sorted out the key points of the sea trial project according to the sea conditions and the actual situation, constantly adjusted and optimized the plan, and “merged” the projects with similar test requirements to further improve the test efficiency and ensure that the sea trial task was completed on schedule.

The sea trial was successfully completed, and the project team members worked non-stop in the intense terminal cooling test and went all out to make preliminary preparations for the gas trial in early September.

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