October 4, 2023


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The HP-SCR-ERD system developed by CSSC has been officially certified by MAN

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The HP-SCR-ERD system developed by CSSC has been officially certified by MAN

The new-generation marine high-pressure selective catalytic reduction and denitrification system (HP-SCR-ERD) independently developed by CSSC Power (Group), a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, has successfully passed the MAN Certification Test (FTA) and obtained the first approval in China issued by MAN. The certificate marks that the new generation of marine denitrification products of CSSC has officially entered the stage of large-scale commercialization.

On the basis of the extensive application of the first-generation HP-SCR system, the environmental protection business unit of CSSC has further leveraged the advantages of CSSC’s main marine power business, fully combined with the structural characteristics of low-speed engines, and used the engine exhaust header as a reducing agent for evaporation. Hybrid unit, pioneering the development of the HP-SCR-ERD system. Compared with the first-generation HP-SCR system products, the HP-SCR-ERD system has more advanced technology, a more compact structure, and a more friendly cabin. Based on this technology, CSSC has completed the application for 4 Chinese patents and 2 Japanese patents, and the technical level has reached the international advanced level and the domestic leading level.

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中船动力集团环保业务单元在第一代HP-SCR系统大量应用的基础上,进一步发挥中船动力集团船用动力主业优势,充分结合低速发动机结构特征,采用发动机排气集管作为还原剂蒸发混合单元,开创性地研发出了HP-SCR-ERD系统。和第一代HP-SCR 系统产品相比,HP-SCR-ERD系统技术更先进,结构更紧凑,机舱更友好。基于该技术,中船动力集团已完成申请中国专利4项,日本专利2项,技术水平达到国际先进、国内领先。


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