April 2, 2023


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The largest offshore wind farm in China connected to the power grid

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China’s largest offshore wind farm in terms of single-unit capacity off the eastern province of Jiangsu was connected to the power grid at full capacity.

Electricity generated by 134 wind turbines in sea waters around 35 km from the city of Qidong was successfully transmitted to the power grid through undersea power cables, said the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co Ltd.

The Qidong offshore wind power project has a total installed power generation capacity of 802 MW.

The project is expected to send to the power grid annually about 2.2 billion kWh of electricity, an amount equalling the annual consumption of 900,000 households.

As of Dec 22, the total installed capacity of wind farms off the coast of Jiangsu that is connected to the power grid had exceeded 10 GW.

The economic powerhouse province is undergoing the energy mix transition, planning to have 37 percent of its total installed capacity powered by new energy mainly including wind and solar.

Source Xindermarinenews

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