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The next LNG ISO tank carrier set sail for her maiden voyage

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marine-news-Tiger Gas LNG ISO Tank - Source Tiger Gas

Tiger Gas LNG ISO Tank - Source Tiger Gas

On January 6, the first 700-box class LNG ISO tank carrier “TIGER LONGKOU” built by Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group, was successfully delivered to Tiger Gas. This type of LNG ISO tank carrier is currently the largest dual-fuel ship in the world.

Prior to this, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has delivered the first 700-box LNG ISO Tank carrier “TIGER MAANSHAN” in a series of four ships, in November 2021.

The 700-box LNG ISO tank carrier TIGER LONGKOU

“TIGER LONGKOU” has a total length of 192.00 meters, a molded width of 37.60 meters, a molded depth of 13.50 meters, a design draft of 8.2 meters, a deadweight of 25,000 DWT.

The ship is equipped with a 7X52DF main engine plus an FGSS system from Hudong Heavy Machinery.

The LNG ISO tank carrier is accommodating nearly 700 45-foot tank containers (about 15,000 tons of liquefied Natural gas). The growth of the LNG iso tank transportation method in terms of “door-to-door” can meet the energy demands of various regions and is in line with the huge consumption rate of China. It is worth remarking that China became the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) importer during the first 10 months of 2021. (Source Natural Gas Intelligence).

This ship is aiming to be eco-friendly, high-efficiency, and energy-saving. It adopts the LNG dual-fuel main engine from Hudong Heavy Machinery, equipped with C-type LNG fuel tank, with a designed speed of 16 knots.

The excellent ship performance

The dual-fuel ship is built with a C-type LNG fuel tank and an MGO fuel tank and meets Tier III emission requirements. The main and auxiliary engines share a set of LNG FGSS.

In terms of power propulsion, the ship design is ensuring speed while reducing fuel consumption. The hull shape is optimized by means of CFD software, and large-diameter propellers are used. When the main engine power is 88% SMCR (specified maximum continuous rating) with 15% sea margin, the service speed reaches 16.0 knots.

In terms of the ship’s operation, by optimizing the design of the ship’s air draft, so that the ship can operate in the river and sea effortlessly.

The ship adopts a complete set of the systematic safety monitoring system, including infrared monitoring and other designs to monitor the whole process of LNG tank leakage, hull protection, detection and alarm, BOG control, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the transportation process.

On December 15, 2021, the sea trial + gas trial of “TIGER LONGKOU” accomplishment marked an astonishing LNG-powered ship trial completion in 5 days. After delivery, “TIGER LONGKOU” will leave the shipyard for her maiden voyage.

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