December 6, 2023


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Two more 7,000 CEU dual-fuel PCTCs come into effect in Jinling Weihai

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Weihai Jinling & EPS signed a contract for the construction of two 7,000 CEU dual-fule PCTCs

On March 8, China Merchants Industry Weihai Jinling and Singapore-based shipowner Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) signed a contract for the construction of two 7,000-space dual-fuel vehicle carriers. It is understood that this is an alternative order after the two sides signed four ships of the same type in August last year. In addition to this order, Weihai Jinling has 6 orders of this type of ship in hand. The six new ships are scheduled to be delivered between 2024 and 2025.

This series of dual-fuel vehicle carriers has a length of 199.9 meters, a beam of 38 meters, a design draft of 8.6 meters, a gross tonnage of 72,000 tons, a design speed of 19.5 knots, a total of 12 cargo decks, and a high-pressure dual-fuel main engine equipped with two 2,000 cubic meters. The LNG storage tank meets the requirements of the IMO TIER III emission standard; at the same time, it adopts dual-fuel hybrid power and a number of environmental protection technologies, which will reduce about 99% of sulfur oxides, 80% of nitrogen oxides, and 90% of nitrogen oxides during operation. of particulate matter and 30% of carbon dioxide emissions, it is a new generation of environmentally friendly ships.

The successful signing of two 7,000-vehicle dual-fuel vehicle carriers has opened a good start for Weihai Jinling to receive orders this year. Two of the series of ships will start construction this year. Weihai Jinling will ensure that each project is delivered to the shipowner on schedule with its excellent technical capabilities, high-quality on-site service, strict quality control, and efficient construction speed.

It is understood that EPS began to invest in ordering dual-fuel vehicle carriers last year. It initially ordered 4+2 vessels in Nanjing Jinling of China Merchants Industry in June, and then ordered 4+2 vessels in Weihai Jinling in August. Another one was added in Jinling, Nanjing. With the latest two ships, EPS has ordered as many as 11 dual-fuel vehicle carriers with 7,000 parking spaces in China Merchants Industry for more than half a year.

It is reported that the cost of these new ships of EPS is about 87 million US dollars each, which means that the total value of all 11 ships is as high as 957 million US dollars (about 6.085 billion yuan).

Source: eworldship


3月8日,招商工业威海金陵与新加坡船东Eastern Pacific Shipping(EPS)签署两艘7000车位双燃料汽车运输船建造合同。


该系列双燃料汽车运输船船长199.9米,船宽38米,设计吃水8.6米,总吨位72000吨,设计航速19.5节,共设有12层货物甲板,采用高压双燃料主机,配备两个2000立方米LNG储气罐,满足国际海事组织TIER III排放标准要求;同时采用双燃料混合动力和多项环保技术,运行过程中将减少大约99%的硫氧化物、80%的氮氧化物、90%的颗粒物和30%的二氧化碳排放,是新一代环保型船舶。





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