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VARD delivers the first wind power SOV in Taiwan

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VARD delivers the first wind power SOV in Taiwan

On March 8, the first wind power operation and maintenance vessel (SOV) “TSS PIONEER” in Taiwan, built by Norwegian shipbuilding company VARD, was completed and delivered.

The vessel was ordered by Daisan Merchant Shipping, a joint venture between Taiwan’s Datong Shipping and Japan’s Mitsui Shipping, and was handed over to VARD’s Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam. This is the first SOV registered in Taiwan, China, and the first customized SOV built in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region. Upon delivery, the vessel will be leased to Orsted, the world’s leading offshore wind power company, for a 15-year lease.

The “TSS PIONEER” is 85.4 meters long, 19.5 meters wide, and has a draft of 5.6 meters. It can accommodate 87 people. In addition to the crew, the vessel can carry up to 60 technicians and only needs to call in port for replenishment once a month, compared to using a personnel carrier (CTV) that can only carry a maximum of 24 people at a time and needs to travel to and from the port on the same day. , the new SOV is more efficient.

The vessel is equipped with advanced technology, including a dynamically compensated gangway, which remains stable as the gangway is raised from the O&M vessel to the wind turbine service point, allowing technicians direct access to the wind turbine for service. At the same time, the ship also adopts an advanced dynamic positioning system and is equipped with a crane with 3D dynamic stabilization technology to ensure the safety of wind turbine parts hoisting operations.

In addition, in order to reduce the impact on mitigation, the SOV will be able to use technologies that do not use fossil fuel power sources in the future, while reducing ship fuel use and carbon emissions by optimizing hull design and configuring battery hybrid power systems.

“TSS PIONEER” is tailored according to the complex and dangerous sea conditions of the Taiwan Strait and adopts advanced technology to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency and personnel safety of offshore wind farms. The new ship will be combined with the new operation and maintenance center of Orsted Energy, based in Taichung Port, and will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Orsted Offshore Wind Farm, ensuring that the Orsted Offshore Wind Farm has world-class operation and maintenance quality and the best operating efficiency.

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3月8日,挪威造船公司VARD建造的中国台湾地区首艘风电运维船(SOV)“TSS PIONEER”号完工交付。

这艘船由台湾地区大统海运与日本商船三井的合资公司大三商海运订造,建造工作交给VARD位于越南的Vung Tau船厂。这是第一艘在中国台湾地区注册的SOV,是台湾和亚太地区客制化SOV建造首例。交付后,该船将租赁给全球领先的海上风电公司沃旭能源(Orsted),租期15年。

“TSS PIONEER”号船长85.4米,宽19.5米,吃水5.6米,可以为87人提供住宿。除了船员外,该船能运载多达60名技术人员,每月仅需靠港补给一次,与使用每次最多仅能运载24人且需要当天来回运维港的人员运输船(CTV)相比,新的SOV效率更佳。



“TSS PIONEER”号按照台湾海峡复杂且险峻的海况所量身打造,采用先进技术提升海上风电场运维效率及人员安全。新船将结合沃旭能源全新的运维中心,以台中港为基地,负责大彰化海上风电场的运维工作,确保大彰化海上风电场拥有世界级运维品质和最佳运营效能。


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