January 29, 2023


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Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding’s two 119,000ton dual-fuel product oil tankers keel laying on the same day

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Waigaoqiao H1538 Keel Laying
Waigaoqiao H1539 Keel Laying

On February 12, the 119,000-ton dual-fuel product tanker H1538/H1539 built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding (SWS) for Bank of Communications Leasing held a docking ceremony on the same day. The Chief Engineer of the Shipping Leasing Department of BOCOM Leasing, Liang Miao, General Manager of the Shipping Assets Department, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, China Classification Society surveyors, and representatives of the company’s project team attended the docking ceremony. 

Ships H1538 and H1539 are the No. 3 and No. 4 ships built by the company for Bank of Communications Leasing this time. As the first round of docking projects of No. 1 dock in 2022, the two ships were docked earlier than the original plan. Before the docking, the average reserve rate of the completed sections of the stern and half ships reached 90%, and the critical path allocation rate reached 100% ahead of schedule. 

As a project to be docked ahead of schedule, in terms of overall grouping, the two ships have advanced the double-bottom overall grouping, and the double-bottom overall grouping rate has not decreased but increased, reaching 100%. The main group has greatly reduced the crane demand at the peak of the lower dock, smoothed the utilization of bottleneck production resources, and the operating rate of all sub-groups of the two stern and half ships has also reached 100%.

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H1538、 H1539船是公司本次为交银租赁建造的三、四号船,两船作为2022年度一号坞第一轮下坞的项目,早于原计划提前下坞,并在H1538/39船下坞前,艉半船完工分段平均储备率达到90%,关键路径配齐率提前达100%。



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