October 5, 2023


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Wan Hai ordered 5 more large Container Ships

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Wan Hai ordered 5 more large Container Ships

Wan Hai Lines is optimistic about the development of the container shipping market. In order to enter the US line, it once again invested in the construction of large container ships and continued to expand the scale of the fleet.

On March 25, Wan Hai and Samsung Heavy Industries held an online signing ceremony for the construction of five 13,100TEU container ships.

It is reported that the order was ordered by Wan Hai (Singapore), a subsidiary of Wan Hai Lines, with a single ship price of 131 million to 140 million US dollars, and a total transaction value of 659 million to 700 million US dollars (about 4.193 billion to 4.454 billion yuan). The five new ships are scheduled to be completed and delivered in 2024.

Wan Hai said that the ordering of new ships is to consider the group’s existing fleet configuration and long-term development plan. These new ships will adopt the latest design and equipment, comply with environmental protection standards, energy-saving and carbon reduction goals, and have obtained internationally renowned professional ship classes. The certification of “Smart Ship Notation” by the Society further optimizes the fleet structure of Wan Hai. The new ships respond to future operational needs, which will help the development of the medium and long-haul route market and provide customers with a more stable and professional service network.

Wan Hai started the “crazy” expansion model of ordering ships last year, ordering as many as 37 new ships in one go, with a total amount of about 2.6 billion US dollars (about 16.795 billion yuan). These include 12 3013TEU and 12 3055TEU feeder ships ordered by the Japan Shipbuilding Union (JMU), and 13 13000TEU-class neo-Panamax ships ordered by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. box ship.

After Wanhai expanded its operation scale in the US market, considering the urgency of market demand, it continued to buy second-hand ships in the market to expand its fleet size. Wan Hai ave been delivered with a capacity of 68,538 TEU, and 7 ships with a capacity of 17,913 TEU are to be delivered. The delivery is expected to be completed before the third quarter of 2022.

Just on March 15, Wan Hai announced that it would invest more than 1 billion US dollars in the purchase and construction of ships. Wan Hai said that the board of directors purchased several second-hand ships to join the operation through new authorization, with a total price of no more than 320 million US dollars; it will order several new ships, with a total price of no more than 700 million US dollars, totaling a total of 1.02 billion US dollars.

This year, Wan Hai is expected to receive another 12 new buildings, with an additional capacity of 52,630TEU. From 2023 to 2024, 29 new buildings will be delivered, and nearly 200,000 TEUs of capacity will be put into operation.

Wan Hai currently operates a fleet of 146 ships. This new shipbuilding is for future operational needs, which is conducive to the development of the medium and long-haul route market, and provides customers with a more stable and professional service network.

On March 15, Wan Hai announced its 2021 financial report. The total annual revenue was NT$228.005 billion (approximately RMB 50.732 billion), an annual increase of 178.46%; 22.994 billion yuan), an annual increase of 813%.

Source: eworldship

Source: eworldship





万海航运表示,此次订造新船是考虑集团现有船队配置与长期发展计划,这批新船将采用最新设计与设备,符合环保规范、节能减碳目标并取得国际知名专业船级社“智能船舶”(Smart Ship Notation)的认证,进一步优化万海航运船队结构。新船响应未来运营需求,有助于中长航线市场发展,提供客户更加稳健与专业的服务网络。








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