October 5, 2023


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Wartsila will be delivered first methanol fuel supply system

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Wartsila will be delivered first methanol fuel supply system

With growing interest in methanol decarbonization pathways, technology group Wärtsilä has successfully developed MethanolPac, a supply system for methanol fuel. This system, combined with the recently launched Wartsila 32 methanol-fueled engine and well-proven retrofit and system integration capabilities, enables Wartsila to offer methanol-fueled supply systems and powertrains across a wide range of marine sectors.

Methanol is a widely available fuel, and methanol produced from renewable energy sources is carbon neutral and easier to handle than many other alternative fuels. However, there is limited experience in the industry integrating such systems due to the small number of ships currently using methanol fuel.

According to reports, Wärtsilä also launched the Wartsila 32 methanol fuel engine not long ago. Therefore, together with Wärtsilä’s modification and system integration capabilities, the newly launched MethanolPac will enable Wärtsilä to deliver methanol-capable engines. Fuel and power systems cover a wide range of marine applications.

MethanolPac will provide peace of mind for shipowners who may not know where to turn for help designing their methanol fuel and power systems,” said Mathias Jansson, Director Fuel Gas Supply Systems, Wärtsilä Marine Power. Providing methanol engines, we have the systems and comprehensive capabilities to help customers fully realize methanol-fueled ships.”

The MethanolPac includes the low-pressure and high-pressure parts of the fuel supply system, as well as associated control and safety functions. This includes high-pressure methanol fuel pump units, low-pressure pump modules, fuel valve manifolds, fuel filling stations, and tank gauges.

It is reported that the Wärtsilä MethanolPac system will be used for the first time on a wind turbine installation vessel under construction by Dutch dredging and offshore project contractor Van Oord, which is equipped with a Wartsila 32 methanol engine. It is understood that Wärtsilä will supply five methanol-fuelled Wartsila 32 engines for the Offshore Wind Installation Vessel (WIV) being built by CIMC Raffles in Yantai.

The new-build Wartsila 32 methanol engine combines the time-honored methanol fuel injection technology first developed in 2015 for the Stena Germanica ro-ro passenger ship retrofit of the Wärtsilä Z40 engine, with the sophisticated control and automation systems of the proven Wärtsilä 32 platform.

Methanol fuel injection can also be retrofitted to more than 5,000 Wärtsilä 32 engines running on conventional fuels. The MethanolPac means that this retrofit can be greatly simplified, as the engine and fuel supply system is provided by the same supplier.

The Wartsila 32 methanol engine and MethanolPac were among the first commercialized technologies to use methanol as a fuel in many marine sectors. The Wartsila 32 methanol engine can be used as a main or auxiliary generator for a wide range of vessels from offshore support vessels to deep-sea merchant vessels.

Wärtsilä is investing heavily in research and development to ensure that ship operators have the technology they need to use the new fuels of the future. Wärtsilä expects to launch an ammonia-fueled engine concept in 2023 and develop a hydrogen-fueled concept by 2025.

Wärtsilä will host an English-language webinar on March 22 to discuss the use of methanol fuel in the shipping industry and our new methanol engine and fuel supply technologies.

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随着人们对甲醇脱碳途径的兴趣与日俱增,科技集团瓦锡兰成功开发出用于甲醇燃料的供应系统MethanolPac。该系统与最近推出的Wartsila 32甲醇燃料发动机以及经过充分验证的改装和系统集成能力相结合,使瓦锡兰能够在广泛的船舶领域提供甲醇燃料供应系统和动力系统。


据介绍,瓦锡兰在不久前还推出了Wartsila 32甲醇燃料发动机,因此,加上瓦锡兰公司的改装和系统集成能力,此次新推出的MethanolPac将使瓦锡兰能交付具有甲醇能力的燃料与动力系统,可覆盖各种广泛的船舶应用领域。

“MethanolPac将使那些可能不知道从哪里寻求帮助来设计他们的甲醇燃料和动力系统的船东感到放心。”瓦锡兰海洋动力业务部燃料气体供应系统总监Mathias Jansson说道,“瓦锡兰不仅能提供甲醇发动机,我们有系统和综合能力帮助客户全面实现以甲醇为燃料的船舶。”


据悉,瓦锡兰MethanolPac系统将在安装了Wartsila 32甲醇发动机的荷兰挖泥疏浚及海工项目承包商Van Oord在建的风力涡轮机安装船上实现首次应用。据了解,瓦锡兰将为正在烟台中集来福士建造的海上风电安装船(WIV)提供五台甲醇燃料wartsila 32发动机。

新造的Wartsila 32甲醇发动机结合了历史悠久的甲醇燃料喷射技术—在2015 年首次为Stena Germanica 客滚船改装瓦锡兰Z40发动机而开发的,以及成熟的瓦锡兰32 平台的尖端控制和自动化系统。


在许多船舶领域,Wartsila 32甲醇发动机和MethanolPac是首批使用甲醇作为燃料的商业化技术之一。Wartsila 32甲醇发动机可以用作从海上支援船到深海商船的各类船舶的主机或辅助发电机。




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