December 6, 2023


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Yangzi Changbo Shipbuilding: the first 1,800TEU container ship “H CYGNUS” was delivered

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At 8:18 a.m. on January 28, the first 1800TEU container ship “H CYGNUS” built by Yangzi Changbo Shipbuilding for Huayuan Shipping Company was successfully delivered.

H CYGNUS” has a total length of 171.9 meters, a vertical length of 169 meters, a profiled width of 28.4 meters, a profiled depth of 14.5 meters, a design draft of 8.5 meters, and a structural draft of 9.7 meters. This ship is an optimized and improved ship, and the AMP medium-voltage shore power system has been added.

The ship was put on the slipway on October 7, 2021, and launched on December 3, with a slipway cycle of 57 days. During the construction process, the production management department and the workshops overcame difficulties such as heavy gantry crane load, many hoisting variables, and early running-in of resumption of production.

Source: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

扬子长博造:首艘1800TEU集装箱船“H CYGNUS”轮交付

1月28日上午8时18分,扬子长博造船为华元航运公司建造的首制1800TEU集装箱船“H CYGNUS”轮顺利交付。

“H CYGNUS”轮总长171.9米,垂线间长169米,型宽28.4米,型深14.5米,设计吃水8.5米,结构吃水9.7米,入ABS船级社。该轮属于优化改进型船舶,增加了AMP中压岸电系统等。



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